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DandI Jobs is the first and only jobs portal for careers in the diversity and inclusion (D&I) profession. DandI Jobs is owned and managed by Inclusive Employers Ltd. We are a membership organisation providing training and consultancy within the field of workplace inclusion.  

At Inclusive Employers we have weekly contact with over 250 D&I professionals across the UK, and are networked with a further 600 individuals working in the field.  We are regularly asked by our members if we know of any job opportunities and quite often we do – just because our members talk to us about what they are doing.

D&I roles have traditionally grown out of a number of routes: the HR profession, learning and development or line managers – there is no single place for D&I jobs to be advertised so as part of some exciting changes associated with Inclusive Employers’ fifth birthday, we launched DandI Jobs.

We hope you find the career opportunities you have been looking for.

Recruitment Support Available to employers for all roles with Diversity and Inclusion responsibilities:

  • Candidate Attraction and recruitment strategies

  • Employer branding

  • Job design

  • Drafting advertisement and associated resources (information packs)

  • Equality monitoring within recruitment and selection

  • D and I Expert recruitment panel members

  • Selection process design (including exercises and assessment centres)

  • Management of assessment centres

  • Psychometrics

  • Recruitment and selection training

  • Advice on positive action and tie break

For more information please contact us on dandijobs@inclusiveemployers.co.uk or 020 7803 0689


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