We have professional development opportunities such as training, e-learning, webinars, mentoring, coaching and more

Please contact us for more information about our:

Workshops which include:

  • Banter- balancing wit and wisdom
  • Developing Role Models
  • Diversity Champions - for Diversity Champions
  • Diversity Champions - for managers
  • Embedding Equality Analysis
  • Coaching skills for Managers
  • Inclusive Communications
  • Introduction to Inclusion
  • Introverts and Extroverts
  • Islam in the Workplace
  • Legal Masterclass
  • Let’s start with trust
  • Managing change and understanding difference
  • Micro aggressions
  • Recruitment – legal master class
  • Socio-economic mobility
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Unblocking talent pipelines
  • Unconscious Bias in decision making
  • Unconscious Bias in Recruitment
  • Mental Health Awareness

We can also offer 1:1 support such as:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Executive coaching or mentoring
  • CV writing support and interview preparation.

You can see more details on the training available though the Inclusive Employers website.